5 hour charge
Even though we say this ourselves (there's hardly another way when it is our website, is there?), this tzinga thing is awesome. its drinking rather nicely. have you had it?
tell us what you though of it. it has its own website (we think its good if our brands have personalities of their own) and facebook page and what not.
There's more in the pipeline people. Do you have a beverage idea that you think is waiting to happen. Want to share it with us?
We will be happy to toss it over some coffee/ tea/ tzinga.
just write in to us at hector@hectorbeverages.com
Welcome to Hector Beverages!
We are a beverage company with a twist. The twist is not that tzinga has lemon (which it has, and real lemon at that) but that our beverages are meaningful.
We believe, and believe with a lot of intensity, that beverages have to be more than fizzy, sweetened/ flavored water. worldwide beverages contribute a lot to the consumer's health- delivering macro- nutrients (protein) and micro (vitamins and minerals) and there is no reason why that should not be the case in the developing world.
Well, no reason apart from the fact that the beverage giants have a vested interest in sustaining the status quo as that keeps cost down. hector beverages is the new kid on the block that aims to take on the beverage majors by offering real value to the consumer- thats it, so simple- just healthy, tasty drinks, no celebrities, no santa claus, no bells, no whistles.
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